Today’s Small Step: But First, Coffee

Oat milk lattes are self-care with sugar on top, and caring about your morning brew can be a huge flex for the planet. So we’re following up last week’s fair trade post with some advice about disposable coffee cups:

Just don’t.

On average, the US uses 136 million disposable cups every day… and less than 1% of them are recycled. Even worse, some cups are styrofoam (which means they’ll take thousands of years to biodegrade) and many throwaway lids are plastic.

Like ex texts and Netflix password changes, you don’t need that kind of chaos in your life; obviously, neither does the environment.

Instead, ditch the disposable coffee cup and bring your own thermos on your morning coffee run, and make sure you compliment your friends and coworkers when they do the same. You’ll help stop unnecessary waste, and often, you’ll get a discount on your order if you BYO mug, including at major chains like Starbucks and Coffee Bean.

Save money? Check. Save carbon emissions? Check. Save a little room for an afternoon mocha? Well, if you insist…