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Small Steps

Are Hot Girl Walks a Wellness Thing?

What TikTok's newest trend can tell us about our favorite hobby—and how to elevate it to something even more meaningful.

It’s Spring 2023, and #HotGirlWalks are a self-care staple. The hashtag refers to the strolls we take to clear our heads of negative vibes, especially those related to insecurity or drama.

Now look, we love a Hot Girl Walk—or any walk that gets us plugged into nature for 17 minutes a day, because that’s the magic number for reducing depression and boosting creative thinking, according to science. But…

Today’s small step is to level up those benefits by transforming your regular walk—or even your Hot Girl Walk—into a Gratitude Walk.

A Gratitude Walk is one that gives thanks for tiny things in your life—sneakers, sunshine, that cute puppy across the street, the fact that you’re no longer in high school—with the aim of restoring optimism and energy back into your daily routine.

By combining the proven benefits of a daily walk with the science-based perks of a gratitude practice (including better sleep and even immunity), you’ll be moving your body, your mind, and your heart. And honestly, what’s hotter than that?

Small Steps