Regenerate mind, body, planet

We believe bodyCARE and planetCARE should be simple. That we are better together and need each other to thrive.

Creators of IN + ON bodyCARE

IN + ON bodyCARE is INgestible capsules and ON-body treatments tailored to treat common concerns.

These nutrient-dense pairs use science-backed, planet-friendly methods to create formulas that support you in taking care of your body.

How WE do wellness

We were founded on the concept that nature is healing and that spending just 17 minutes per day outside helps heighten your mood, focus, sleep, and total wellness.

Our holistic approach to wellness is made up of what you put IN your body, ON your body, and what you DO with your body.

Designed IN nature, based ON science

We start at the source. For our ingredients, we look to our planet-friendly growing and sustainable sourcing methods including hydroponics, regenerative agriculture, fermentation & more.

It doesn't stop there. We focus on the total product lifecycle, from ingredients, to packaging, through supply chain, that aren’t just good for people—they’re good for the planet.

We are all Wild Elements

It is what connects us, one can’t thrive without the other. We believe that small steps can create big change because we are all interconnected in this wild world.

People. Planet. Purpose.

Wild Elements Impact restores the connection between personal and planetary wellness by donating a portion of our proceeds to support women-led projects that are scaling environmental solutions, nourishing the soil, our communities, and ensuring a more regenerative future for all.

A member of 1% for the Planet, a portion of all proceeds go to women-led organizations that are restoring our planet to let good grow wild.

Meet Our Founder,

Nikki Eslami

“My world opened up when I let wellness in and kicked toxins out. From nourishing my body with hydroponically and regeneratively grown foods to feeding my soul by spending intentional time in nature, I realized that holistic wellness—to me—reached far beyond being green and clean. I want you to feel your best so you can be inspired to soak up all the wonder of our natural world and protect it."

Nikki Eslami, Founder and CEO
1% for the Planet
Plastic Negative
Cruelty Free
Climate Neutral
Sustainably Sourced