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for all kind to thrive.

We are a mission-driven force of nature that works to restore the symbiosis between Animalkind, Humankind, Plantkind™. We call it the Power of Three, because one can’t live without the other.

We are wildly different.

Through our purpose-first platform, which consists of three unique organizations – a nonprofit corporation, storytelling studio, and mindfully made brands – WE drive change by taking small steps, to ensure planetary wellness of our shared home.



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Wildly Committed

WE invest in change through philanthropy, advocacy and charitable activities to restore the Power of Three. The WILD ELEMENTS Foundation supports mission-aligned organizations.

Partners & Grantees
Wildlife Conservation NetworkThe Recycling PartnershipRodale Institute
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Wildly Engaging

WE amplify local voices and engage our community through storytelling that creates empathy, sparks conversation and fosters collaboration to drive social change.



Spring 2022

Wildly Innovative

WE create radically responsible, mindfully made, products with purpose that ignite your power to thrive. Starting with a Beauty & Wellness brand.

Nikki Eslami

Meet our founder

Nikki Eslami

Founder & CEO Wild Elements

"We want to be the platform that envisions a new future for our shared home and creates One Health, One Wellness™ for – Animalkind, Humankind, Plantkind™ – by inspiring you to look internally and externally. This is about a journey, and I want us to be at the forefront of everything new in conservation and circularity, knowing we'll evolve as we go. This means growing and pivoting collectively to make the right impact so we all thrive together."