Vegan Burger

Plant Food: The Best Vegan Burgers

Nom nom nom nom nom!

Like fingerprints and One Direction crushes, vegan burgers are an individual thing. Some people want a veggie burger that tastes as close to Shake Shack as possible. Others don’t eat meat because they don’t like meat, and want something satisfying but salad-y. Whichever way you choose, we’ve tested every vegan fast food option we could buy at the supermarket—and even some we could only get online—to find the best ones. Of course, our kitchen door is always open, so if you’ve got a favorite vegetarian fast food burger you don’t see listed below, DM us here

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If you crave In-N-Out…

Impossible Burgers are your plant-based fake-out. In fact, the first time we this vegan fast food, we thought it was a cruel trick and we were eating actual beef. Serve this soy-and-potato burger at your dining room table, and you won’t even have to explain you’re serving a vegan option, because nobody will be able to tell.

If you’re cooking for kids…

Wild Elements’ marketing director Janet Miller swears by Beyond Burger for her 10-year-old and his friends, noting its comfort-food texture and taste. “He even orders this vegan burger off the kids’ menu at restaurants instead of the ‘normal’ burger,” Janet says. (Though we should tell you, she lives in San Francisco, so she has more Happy Meal alternatives than most ☺ )

If you want a veggie burger that tastes like veggies…

Amy’s Organic California patty is a classic because it’s great. With veggie burger ingredients like mushrooms, walnuts, carrots, and bulger wheat, this is the fiber-packed hero patty for lifelong vegetarians and happy newbies alike.

If you’re gluten free…

Future Farm is a relatively new brand on the plant-based meat market and their firm, easy-to-grill patties are 100% free of gluten and GMOs… but they do have a lot of processed soy, so if that’s not your thing, skip it.

If you’re a Top Chef wannabe…

Make your own like our founder, Nikki Eslami! This is her go-to recipe for burgers, using black beans, mushrooms, and flax. Season with liquid smoke or smoked paprika to get that “fresh off the grill” taste, or add traditional barbecue rub for a touch of spice.