Woman breathing on the beach
Small Steps

Today’s Small Step: Get Some Air

Here's how to use breathwork to warm up your system!

Snowy days await… and the 🥶🥶🥶 that comes with them. But there’s a quick way to help your body adjust to the cold, without hiding inside or wearing three scarves at once. (Although…ok… kinda chic?)

It’s breathwork, the practice of mindfully bringing air into the body. And when it comes to warming up your system fast, it’s a proven (and free) practice that helps connect our mind and muscles to the great, chilly outdoors.

An easy beginner cycle for building warmth is called Kapalabhati Breath, or “Shining Breath.” Here’s how it goes:

BREATHE IN from your nose for 4 counts

EXHALE through your mouth for 4 counts

BREATHE IN from your nose for 3 counts

EXHALE through your mouth in a fast, fierce push, like you’re trying to blow out a birthday candle

REPEAT 10 times

Small Steps