Cold Moon December 2023

December's Full Moon Wants You to Stop Fighting Yourself

Gemini Season called—it wants its moon back.

Tonight is the very last full moon of 2022, and it has some remarkable qualities. It's traditionally called "The Cold Moon," a name that comes from the Mohawk Nation, and symbolizes the swift shift in weather we often experience at the start of December. (Basically, it's the lunar version of these emojis: 🥶❄️ )

The moon will be visible just after sunset—a welcome change from the summer months, when you'd have to wait until 2 A.M. to get a full view of the lunar event. The Cold Moon has one very unique feature compared to the other 11 full moons of 2022: It's going to visibly cross Mars in the night sky, and—for a little while—block out the red planet from Earth's view entirely. This type of planetary eclipse is called “lunar occultation.”

That term sounds pretty scary—occultation, like... occult? But scientifically, there's nothing to worry about. Mars isn't actually going anywhere; it's just hidden from view by our swiftly tilting planet. As for astrological significance, the Cold Moon is in Gemini, a time for inner and outer reflection. As you look at the moon, you might ask, "Does my inner self match my outer self right now? What can I do to balance those two selves?"

The Cold Moon also asks us to freeze any negativity or self-doubt, because as it blocks Mars—the red planet that shares its name with the Roman god of war—it encourages us to block our own inner battles, from romantic insecurity to self-sabotage at work.

TLDR: With the Cold Moon, the galaxy is blocking out any negative voices, fear-based impulses, and internal conflicts. You have the skies' permission to ahead and see what it feels like to live without them.

Step one: Check out some dark nature and see how it feels to be a creature of the night.