Today’s Small Step: Get Trashed

By Faran Krentcil, Fact checked by Jessica Ochoa

1 min read

Broken iphone

Raise your hand if you’ve still got your first iPod in a drawer somewhere. 👋 That’s cool—2003, what a time!—but once you’re finally ready to throw it out, there’s something you should know: Trashing electronics like laptops and fridges can release chemicals that harm the atmosphere, the soil, and even your body. 

That’s why today’s small step is to trash your personal electronics in a responsible way—either by recycling them through an EPA-approved retailer, wiping their data and selling them, or disposing of them through your city’s e-waste collection days. (That’s different from your normal trash day!) 

By being a little more mindful about your old electronics, you'll avoid the release of chemicals like mercury and hard metals, help keep the atmosphere and earth healthy, and even make $$$, too. (Which you can spend on this iPod enamel pin, and remember when you played Rilo Kiley on the real thing.)