Capricornus Constellation

How to Maximize Your Capricorn Season

The Slytherin of zodiac signs wants us to channel our very best ambition.

Capricorn Season is from December 21 to January 20, and to astrologers, it heralds a period of intense organization, discipline, and ambition. (Which makes it align perfectly with New Years Resolution season, no?) But it doesn't always serve us to stay goal-oriented during the holidays, especially because for most of us, these next few weeks are marked by a much-needed pause, and a deeper reconnection to our friends, family, and selves.

That's why we've compiled some easy ways to stay focused on what really matters during Capricorn Season—your personal wellness, and the wellbeing of the planet. (Yay!)

  • Edit your to-do list to things you can actually do

Coco Chanel said that before you leave the house every morning, you should "take off one thing." The same is true for your daily to-do list. Take a long, hard look at your tasks, measure them up with your time, and strike one item from the list before you get to work.

  • Trash expired makeup

Capricorn Season is all about creating the clearest path to success. Set up your beauty routine for an easy, healthy victory by clearing out old products, which can irritate and clog pores with bacteria. (And also clog your makeup drawer, preventing you from finding the mascara you're actually trying to use!)

  • Commit to a Sunday meal prep

Embrace your inner planner and commit to chopping, dicing, and mixing just once a week. By planning out your next few meals, you'll save money from last-minute takeout, have more control over your personal food choices, and also cut back on food waste!

  • Touch a tree

As an Earth sign, Capricorn represents a grounded viewpoint. Try grounding yourself by getting physically close to nature, which is proven to increase creative thinking and lower blood pressure!

  • Write a thank-you note... to yourself
You made it through 2022. Yeah, you did that. Take credit for navigating a long and unpredictable year, and allow yourself some real gratitude for being a thoughtful, connected piece of the planet.