Stefanie Giesinger

Into the Wild With Stefanie Giesinger

Lass gute wild wassen!

That means “Let good grow wild” in German, and today’s Wild Advocate is doing just that. Her name is Stefanie Giesinger, and as a Berlin-based model and sustainability influencer, she’s helping hype vintage clothes, meditation, and finding joy in the great outdoors.

Stefanie also works with Dr. Krithi Karanth, the chief conservation scientist and director at the Centre for Wildlife Studies, whose work focuses on animal conservation, habitat regeneration, and scientific research across India.

Here’s what Stefanie has learned about science-based activism, ancient puppies, and ‘90s crochet tops.

As a Wild Advocate, you work with Dr. Krithi at the Centre for Wildlife Studies. What is something you’ve learned from her about how to protect the planet?

I’ve never thought about the importance of the relationship between large mammals and urban citizens in an area and that conservation cannot just be left to people living with wildlife. When animals come into conflict with humans, there is tension which leads to a negative impact on both sides. Having an education and support from a team that will also help restore any damages made by mammals, makes a big difference.

What is something small you’ve changed in your own routine to make the planet a tiny bit healthier?

I changed my diet to a vegan diet. I'm trying to be more conscious about my consumption, for example buying more vintage and secondhand items before looking for a brand new piece, and I’m being political by supporting parties whose top priority is the environment, and educating my followers about those people, too.

What is something small you’ve changed in your own routine to make yourself a tiny bit healthier?

I realized that my top priority is my mental health, that’s where it all starts. Doing therapy, going on walks in nature, balancing my daily routines, meditating, stretching and writing down my often occurring thoughts has helped me to become a healthier person.

Stefani Giesinger

Do you have a favorite place in nature? Tell us about it!

I love forests. High trees and bird sounds fuel me with energy.

What is your favorite animal fact?

I’m obsessed with dogs, so my favorite fact is that the world’s oldest known breed of domesticated dog dates back to 329 BC. In ancient Egypt, they were kept as royal pets and mummified after death.

We love your style! What’s the oldest thing you still have in your closet? How often do you wear it?

I have a knitted top from my mum, which she bought in 1999. Every summer, I’m overly excited to wear it again.

Our motto is “let good grow wild.” What does that mean to you?

Good things need to grow like a plant coming from just a tiny seed, at some point they will start to reproduce good things on their own but at the beginning we need to plant them.