Birds at Sunset

It's Migration Season! Here's How to Help Birds Get Home

We need birds to help pollenate our favorite plants (including the ones we eat)! Here's how to help them get home.

We need birds to help pollinate the world’s plants, but every year, over 1 billion of them collide with windows during migration season. Ouch.

That’s why as we hit peak spring migration season, there’s one small step you can take to help traveling flocks get home safe: Turn down your house lights between 11 PM and 6 PM, and if you can, let your garage and porch go dark, too.

Keeping the lights off will help birds avoid getting disoriented, save energy (and electric bill $), and make the Lyrid Meteor Shower—which is happening this week, BTW!—even easier to see from your home or office.

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