Outdoors for all
Collective Action

Nature Is a Human Right!

Today is Earth Day, the one holiday that literally everyone can celebrate because we all live here.

But even though we’re all citizens of the planet, we don’t all have access to nature. In America, over 100 million people can’t easily walk to a green space—a fact that disproportionately affects Black communities.

That’s why we’re psyched to support the Outdoors for All Act, a bill that invests in areas where 80% of Americans live. If the bill hits the Senate floor and passes a vote, it’ll make green space and grant money available to underserved communities, helping all Americans connect with environmental conservation and see firsthand why biodiversity is important.

You can support it by contacting Congressional leaders via this easy form, and spread the word by sharing it on your social media or group chat. (You can also make sure you’re registered to vote, because lawmakers take feedback a lot more seriously when they’re scared for their jobs.)

After that? Celebrate Earth Day and your place on the planet by going outside, because even just 17 minutes in nature can give you benefits like less stress and more sex. (Seriously.)

Collective Action