Jenga Recycled Tiles

Sustainable Buy of the Week: Ocean Jenga

A net-positive way to make your Game Night something special.

We all shop—and that means, we all have the power to make a difference through our purchases. Buying products that support regenerative agriculture and soil health is one big way to do it… especially if they also help us relax all weekend.

WE’re buying… Jenga Ocean, a planet-forward version of the classic tumble tower game created with ocean plastic—specifically, discarded fishing nets that strangle wildlife and clog waterways when left in the sea. This (totally official, 100% legit) version of Jenga is made by Bureo, the same company that makes circular products for Patagonia.

WE’re getting… a version of Jenga with exclusive images by surfer and artist Lake Buckley, who has etched each Jenga Ocean block with images of marine animals like sharks, whales, and turtles who need a clean ecosystem to survive.

WE’re spending… $49.95 at Bureo

Recycled Jenga Plastic Pieces