Share a female voice for change

Today’s Small Step: Share a Female Voice for Change

Today is International Women’s Day, when we celebrate the major impact women can have on personal + planetary health. In fact, when women are in charge of conservation and regeneration efforts? Data says there’s less hunger, more forest regrowth, and stronger legislation passed to protect the planet. (Women are also more likely to believe in climate and medical science, because: duh.)

Despite those facts, women are still vastly outnumbered in terms of leadership— about 90% of environmental leaders in the US are white dudes… even though women make up 51% of our population.

Want to help change that? Us too. That’s why today’s mission is to share a female voice for change, whether on social media, group chat, or IRL. Visibility is the first step to action, and when it comes to saving the world, that’s kind of the whole point. 😉

Some women to check out:

Inger Andersen is the UN’s global environmental leader, supporting sustainable agriculture and economic growth—including female-founded new businesses.

Mari Copeny is just 14, but her #WednesdaysForWater initiative brings clean water to underserved communities. Share it!

Deb Haaland is the US Secretary of the Interior, and the first-ever indigenous woman to hold the post. She has fought for legislative environmental justice since 2014.

Resson Kantai Duff is the deputy director of Ewaso Lions who works to decolonize wildlife conservation and empower indigenous locals to lead the charge on their own land. Resson is also a Wild Advocate for Wild Elements Impact.

Lina Pohl works to regenerate Mexico’s biodiversity by promoting greener tech and more education for farmers.

Justin Winters, who is harnessing the collective power of science, storytelling, and philanthropy as Executive Director of One Earth, and Co-Founder of Daughters for Earth.