Today’s Small Step: Get a Plant.

By Faran Krentcil, Fact checked by Jessica Ochoa

1 min read

Sunrise from Hawaii

Bring the natural world inside.

One small way to let good grow wild? Actually grow something. Keeping plants in your workspace (and your living space) is a simple way to reconnect to the wider natural world. That’s because by bringing a living piece of nature into your space, you can cultivate feelings of biophilia, a design practice rooted in the way we’re all emotionally connected to nature. Reminding ourselves of that connection—even with something as simple as a potted fern—comes with serious benefits:

bulletAt work, indoor plants can increase feelings of wellbeing by 88%.

bulletA UK study says plants and natural light can boost creative thinking by 15%. 

bulletEven just staring at photos of fields or forests can help reduce stress. Seriously. 

Want to learn more about biophilia? We got you.

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