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Yes, Most Americans Care About the Planet

New research says up to 80% of Americans want climate action. Why aren't we talking about it?

There's a popular myth that Americans don't care about the planet—but a new survey says we totally do.

That's the finding from professors at Boston College, Indiana University, and Princeton, who created a joint study in Nature Communications to tell us the good news:

80% of people support some form of government intervention on behalf of the planet, whether it's through fossil fuel taxes, new mandates for clean energy, or a bigger investment in farms and natural parks.

Why is that important? Psychologists say that knowing other people care about something makes it easier for us to discuss it openly—which might explain why Twitter theories on Nope keep getting shared. (Because let's be real, it's a relief to know we're not the only ones obsessed with the shoe...)

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Plus, as we've seen in our own nation's history, when public opinion changes, public policy can change, too. Major human rights milestones like the Civil Rights Movement, Marriage Equality, and Title XI happened because the American people were talking about justice, not just at rallies and Town Halls, but across the dinner table, too.

So if you believe the government—and other big institutions like banks and universities—should be more active in protecting and renewing the Earth's resources, be like Doja Cat and SAY SO. Do it by contacting your reps, sure, but also by bringing it up at brunch, or on your Group Chat.

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