Sustainable Body Wash

Sustainable Buy of the Week: Davines

We're obsessed with this new shampoo + body wash. Here's how it passes our super high standards.

Sustainable Buy of the Week

We all shop—and that means, we all have the power to make a difference through our purchases. Buying products that support regenerative agriculture and soil health is one big way to do it… especially if they also get us great hair.

WE’re buying… WE STAND for regeneration, a hair and body wash by Davines that brings new meaning to “clean beauty.” Created with plants grown through regenerative agriculture and packaged in reprocessed ocean-bound plastic, the cleanser boosts the skin and hair hydration and glow, while proving that small farms and sustainable cultivation can have a starring role in the beauty world.

Plus, Davines is contributing up to 50,000€ of their proceeds to our partners at the Rodale Institute, along with Slow Food International, to support work on the frontlines of soil health and sustainable cultivation.

WE’re getting… a body and hair wash that can heighten our natural beauty routine, boost our deep wish for shinier and healthier hair, chill with our sensitive skin, and give back to planet-forward organizations we really trust.

WE’re spending… $26 at