Senteurs D'Orient Soap Flakes

Sustainable Buy of the Week: Senteurs D'Orient Soap Flakes

Have you tried Lebanese soap leaves yet? Prepare for heaven. (And they're on sale!)

We all shop—and that means, we all have the power to make a difference through our purchases. Buying products that support regenerative agriculture and soil health is one big way to do it… especially if they also help us relax all weekend.

WE’re buying… Amber Soap Leaves from Senteurs D'Orient, a woman-led beauty company from Sarah Akkari that supports small farms, artisans, and female economic empowerment in Beirut, Lebanon.

WE’re getting… the most luscious lather from these single-use soap leaves, which reduce the water waste created from body washes and hand soaps, but also minimize the mess created by bigger soap bars that slide around the bathtub. Plus, they're 100% vegan, and use a blend of fair trade olive oil and wood musk sourced close to the company's Middle Eastern home.

WE’re spending… $20 for about 30 hand-cut leaves.