Get Wild in the bedroom

Today’s Small Step: Get Wild in the Bedroom

Better sleep = better sex. Learn how.

Sleep is one of the most effective ways to restore your health and regenerate your hair, nails, skin, brain, everything. And studies show connecting your bedtime routine to nature helps you sleep better. Here’s how:

* Mellow nature sounds like waves and leaves—also called “pink noise”—are proven to help transition our bodies to deep sleep.

* Putting your bare feet or hands on a natural material like sand, grass, soil, wood, or even stone like marble can help fight insomnia. (It’s called “grounding,” but technically, you don’t have to do it on the ground.)

* Cedarwood—the essential oil that comes from (yep) cedar trees—contains a natural sedative called cedrol. It also smells great.

* Spending time in nature can help you sleep better, too, so book some time outside and wake up feeling (and looking) like your very best self.