Today’s Small Step: Help your pet protect the planet.

By Wild Elements, Fact checked by Jessica Ochoa

1 min read

Dog in Nature

Dogs are incredible companions and total love machines—and just like us, they can be naturally goofy and still care about the natural world, at least with our help. Here are some ways to be paw-sitive for the planet 🐶 



Your dog isn’t a wolf! In fact, they’ve evolved to be a scavenger, with canine enzymes that can handle cooked fish, chicken, and grain as well as beef. Check in with your vet, then vary your dog’s diet to lessen their impact on the planet.


Dog waste may be natural, but it’s not native to most ecosystems—and leaving it there can contaminate the soil and groundwater. Always pick up your dog’s number 2 outside, and if possible, flush it in biodegradable bags like these, which are made from plant fibers and dissolve in water.


Instead of buying plastic dog toys, you can DIY your own from stuff around the house. (Yay circularity!) This post has some amazing suggestions, including chewy ropes made from old t-shirts.