Freeze your food

Today’s Small Step: Ice, Ice, Baby

Food is amazing, but food waste can be harmful to the planet. It’s currently 20% of our landfills and over $1k of our food budgets. That means when we chuck uneaten food, we’re literally throwing money into the garbage disposal, and creating more carbon emissions in the process.

One tiny step you can take to help? FREEZE YOUR FOOD.

As soon as you realize you’re not that stoked on your spare raw Impossible Burger, your half a bowl of cherries, your last pint of homemade tomato sauce, or even your leftover breakfast bagels, pack them in an airtight and freezer-safe container, and let them chill out for a while. You can store most frozen foods for up to a year, so even if you don’t feel like vegan meatballs RN, you can save money / time / the planet by stashing the ingredients for later.

The freezer is also a great place to put your compost until it’s time to bring it to a local composting bin. (Google it for your nearest option!) Put all your compost-approved food scraps in a paper bag with handles for a no-mess way to feed the earth—after all, it gets hungry, too ;)