Wax wrap

Today’s Small Step: Nix the Plastic Wrap

It’s cookout season, but although we do want to see grilled peaches on the menu, we never want to see foods wrapped in plastic wrap. That’s because on average, Americans use enough plastic wrap to cover the entire state of Texas… and because it’s so tough to recycle, nearly all of it ended up in landfills.

A glut of plastic wrap leads to more microplastics in our soil and water, where it can poison wildlife, threaten biodiversity, and even contaminate our bloodstream. The whole thing is deeply uncool—but also easy to start changing, and that change starts with you.

If you want to take a small step toward keeping plastic out of nature, start by ditching plastic wrap in your home. Instead, try reusable wax paper, compostable cellulose wrap, or a clean linen napkin cinched over your bowl or tray.

And if you’re asking “Wait, that’s it?” Yeah, exactly! Sometimes, all it takes is one small adjustment to start making a big change.

Ok. That’s a wrap.