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Small Steps

Today’s Small Step: Scare With Care

Over 83% of Halloween stuff ends up in the trash. Here's how to change that, while still getting those full-sized candy bars.

Dressing up for Halloween: 😊
Buying more plastic: ☹️

And that’s the problem. According to a 2019 study, 83% of Halloween products—including costumes, pumpkin baskets, and decorations—were made from single-use plastic, which lands in our landfills and becomes way scarier than anyone’s “creepy clown” disguise. (Although, can we also ban creepy clowns this year? We’ve been through enough…)

While planning your big Halloween outfit this year, try this small step: Only make a costume with stuff you already own. You’ll be flexing your creative muscles, earning your weight in candy apples, and ensuring you’re scaring and caring at the same time.

Some ideas…

Denim Jacket + Jeans + Boots + Headscarf + Red Lipstick = Rosie the Riveter
Trench Coat + Fedora + Heels + Sunglasses = Carmen Sandiego
Stuffed Animals in the Basement + Safety Pins + Prayers = Lady Gaga
Sun Hat + Caftan + White Jeans + Glass of Chardonnay = Coastal Grandma
Dress + Mascara Tears + Recycled Paper Roses = The Bachelorette
Black Turtleneck + Bun + Theranos Employee Tag = Elizabeth Holmes
White Tank Top + Stickers on Your Face = Olivia Rodrigo’s Sour Album Cover

Got something else up your (hopefully thrifted) sleeve? DM us a pic for our Halloween roundup!

Small Steps