Words Slow Your Role Over Toliet Paper

Today’s Small Step: Slow Your Roll 🧻

Let’s talk sh*t. Every year, we flush an estimated 31 million trees, thanks to our reliance on the bleached virgin paper pulp used to make toilet tissue.

*That leads to habitat loss for endangered animals like Sumatran tigers, Asian elephants, and Canadian caribou.

*It also puts less oxygen and more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, which—as you know—sucks.

You can stop having a pity potty with one small swap: Get toilet paper made from 100% recycled fibers, which costs the same, looks the same, feels the same, and works the same… but uses zero new trees in the process. You can pick it up at Target, or order it from a brand like Who Gives a Crap, which sends it to you with carbon-neutral shipping. (Now that’s a royal flush.)