Woman massaging neck
Small Steps

Today’s Small Step: Sore Winners

Five second massages to connect you back to your body.

Moving our bodies can make us healthier and happier… and it can make us really sore. That’s why today’s small step is to honor your body and plug back into yourself with a few super-easy, super-fast massage moves that you can do at home, at work, or even on a plane. Research shows that self-massage can help reduce stress, boost circulation, and improve mindfulness—and it’s a great excuse to take a few deep breaths away from a computer screen. (You can also do these micro-massages while applying a favorite lotion or body oil so your skin gets some benefits, too.)


Have a seat! Now place your thumbs on the back of your sacrum—that’s the flat bone at the base of your spine—and massage them outwards in small circles. Go slow on any sore spots while breathing deeply into the spine.


Stretch both arms in front of you with palms up. Wrap One hand around your forearm, just below your elbow. Twist your palm down, allowing your thumb to gently knead the muscle as it goes. Repeat midway down your arm, and again at your wrist. Then switch arms and repeat!


Sit up straight and interlock your hands behind your head. Drag your thumbs in a slow arc from the shoulders up to the base of your neck and back. Repeat while breathing deep.
Small Steps