Lemon Sqeeze
Small Steps

Today’s Small Step: The Main Squeeze

The lemon juice is loose... and it can save you money while saving the planet.

When life gives us lemons, we say, “Cool, thanks.”

That’s because it’s peak lemon season right now across the US, including states like Arizona, California, Florida, Louisiana, and Texas. Buying in-season lemons from American farms can support local growers, and also help us clean our homes and bodies without toxins or plastic.

Here’s how:

🍋 To Safely Clear Drains:

Juice from 1 lemon + half a box of baking soda + boiling water = A non-toxic way to unclog your sink or bathtub.

🍋 To Gently Exfoliate Skin:

Juice from ½ a lemon + 1 tablespoon of olive oil + ½ cup of sugar + 1 tablespoon of honey = A scrub with no microplastics that can still brighten and smooth.

🍋 To Aid Your Body’s Digestion
Squeeze some fresh lemon juice into a cup of hot water or herbal tea to help stimulate your body’s natural clearing cycle while adding a needed boost of Vitamin C and hydration.

🍋 To Clean Your Wooden Cutting Board Without Chemicals
Cut a lemon in half and rub it all over your cutting board. That’s it. 😎

Small Steps