Washing face

Today’s Small Step: Wash Your Face in Cold Water

Hey ice queens: You’ve been right all along. It turns out washing your face in cold water has some real benefits for your skin and your energy bill, and it can even boost your mood along the way. Here’s how:

*Cold water causes blood vessels to contract, reducing puffiness and swelling due to acne, allergies, hangovers, and poor sleep.

*Cold water uses less energy than hot water, so whether by gas or electric heating systems, you save ca$h when you go cold.

*Cold water gently shocks your body’s nervous system, boosting endorphins and helping “wake up” your body and mind.

*Cold water boosts the immune system—in fact, if you want to go full-on and jump into a cold (under 70-degree) shower, you have a 29% less chance of calling in sick from work, according to a 2016 study!