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Small Steps

Today's Small Step: Easy Ways to Save Water

And get your hydration count, too.

Wednesday, March 22 is World Water Day, when we celebrate the oceans, rivers, and rain that give our planet life. And we can help protect and save clean drinking water with one small step: Put it in the fridge.

Every year, Americans waste about 400 billion gallons while waiting for the tap to change temperature. By filling a pitcher, Hydroflask, or Brita Filter and keeping it in the fridge, we can stop the runoff and still quench our thirst. (Our bodies need this many glasses per day, BTW.)

Even better: By keeping a water jug in the fridge, we can add some citrus, cucumber, fresh herbs, or berries to hit our daily sip count while keeping things interesting. And that makes it easier to get our collagen powder, too!

Want to learn more about World Water Day? Go to the United Nation’s Water Page, and see how we can all keep our planet (and each other) afloat.

Small Steps