Bed with Lavender
Small Steps

Today's Small Step: Hit Snooze

How aromatherapy can help your current bedtime story.

It’s hard to relax in a hectic world, but a few cues from the planet can guide your body to better sleep. You already know that nature sounds and stargazing can boost your snooze cycle. Now let’s talk about scent.

Studies show that certain plant aromas stimulate the brain’s limbic system, which cues the body to regenerate. Translation: Pick the right smells for your bedroom to sleep better, and recover from mental and physical fatigue faster!

Here are some to try:

Proven to calm the nervous system, the scent of lavender oil can also help reduce insomnia, prevent midnight wake-ups, and even reduce feelings of sleepiness in the morning. It’s truly the MVP of aromatherapy.

It’s not just for tea! Studies show that chamomile oil can help reduce anxiety and quiet a busy mind at bedtime. If your thoughts are always racing (or you watched Last of Us before bed), try rubbing a few drops between your wrists before turning off the lights.

If a woodsy scent helps your wellbeing, there’s science on your side: Cedar oil contains cedrol, a natural sedative that helps release tension and stress in the body. In a large lab study, it helped women in 3 different countries fall asleep faster and wake up more rested.

Peppermint oil can help relax muscles, ease mild joint pain, and unclench the jaw. If you’re constantly battling sleep stress—and the tight, sore muscles that come with it—try a few drops on your temples, along with some calming deep breaths.

Small Steps