Pisces Moon Zodiac Meaning

What the Harvest Moon Means for You

After a summer of supermoons, September’s Harvest Moon is officially a “regular” celestial event—but really, there’s nothing normal about it.

As space geeks, we love the Harvest Moon (which is also called the Corn Moon) because it moves at a totally different pace than other lunar events—it’s truly the queen of doing her own thing. The Harvest Moon is also a BFD in astrology circles, because it symbolizes an energy shift that’s rare in the zodiac cycle.

Here’s what to know about September 2022’s Harvest Moon, including how you can use it to feel, and be, a little bit better this Fall.

When is the Harvest Moon?
If you’re based in the United States, this year’s Harvest Moon peaks in the early morning hours of Friday, September 10th. But because it’s the closest moon to the Autumn Equinox, it will remain visible for a little bit longer than most other full moons.

Like… how much longer?
2-3 days. Though the Harvest Moon won’t officially stay full for longer than a night, it will appear full in the sky from Friday, September 9 to Sunday, September 11. This is the only full moon in the lunar cycle that remains constant, because it’s the closest moon to the Fall Equinox.

That sounds like magic.
Well, nature is pretty magical! But the reason it happens is all science.

Why is it called the Harvest Moon?
Great question. Back before electricity and iCal, farmers used the natural light of the sky to guide their planting cycles. The Harvest Moon provided them more light than usual to harvest their crops in the evening, which could yield even bigger hauls of herbs, fruits, and vegetables.

Is the Harvest Moon significant in astrology?
It can be! The Harvest Moon is in Pisces, the zodiac sign that invites questioning and analysis, according to astrologers. It can serve as a symbol to slow down, appreciate where you’re at, and ask what you want for the future. And because it’s a longer-lasting full moon, it can provide an opportunity for personal persistence—instead of asking a deep question and then getting distracted on TikTok, the moon’s 3-night appearance can serve as a reminder to follow through with your inner questions and truths.

Pretty intense, huh?
Yeah, self-examination can feel a bit scary. But by doing it while staring at the Harvest Moon, you’ll be gaining the mental health benefits of stargazing, including a sense of awe, an opportunity to plug your brain back into its natural biorhythms, and even a stronger sense of empathy, according to a 2015 study. So really, it’s all good.

Is the Harvest Moon the same thing as the Canyon Moon, like in the Harry Styles song?
No, sorry, but there’s an entire Neil Young album called Harvest Moon and it’s great. Enjoy.