Which 'Euphoria' Character Is Most Earth Friendly?

The Cool Teens™ on Euphoria need help… but can they also help the planet? It’s a goofy question, but after our very serious investigative dive into the eco-habits of And Just Like That, we’re willing to go deep into HBO’s next must-see-TV phenomenon. (Also, the Wild Elements office keeps asking us to break down Euphoria from an environmental perspective, and we’ll never say no to the team!) So here’s our analysis on which Euphoria kids are helping let good grow wild… even if they’re also wilding out.

Rue (Zendaya)
Yay: Rue still rides her bike everywhere, which reduces her carbon emissions by 65%, according to Oxford University’s transport professor Dr. Christian Brand. (She’s also revamping sneakers with paint instead of buying new ones, which is a nice move for circular style.)
Nope: Planetary wellness can’t exist without personal wellness, and Rue’s addiction to drugs is harmful to her mental and physical health, her family, her friends, and—yes—it’s also bad for the planet. Specifically, opioids are a threat to our waterways and aquatic life when they’re flushed down the toilet—something Jules does to try and save Rue. (Sigh.) Even though opioid disposal is important, doing it the wrong way (toilets, garbage disposals, or trash bins) can disrupt local ecosystems and destroy biodiversity in regional habitats. If you need to dispose of opioids, take them to your nearest hospital or walk-in clinic for proper medical disposal. And if you need to help a friend with her own opioid struggle? Call SAMHSA’s National Helpline for resources, advice, and confidential information.

Maddy (Alexa Demie)
Yay: Is it a great idea to try on all the vintage dresses in your employer’s closet when you’re babysitting her kids? Probably not. Is it a great idea to invest in resale and vintage clothing instead of buying new stuff? Absolutely. So we’ve got to give Maddy a mild thumbs-up for her obsession with ‘90s Gaultier, McQueen, and Lacroix—and its ripple effect on Euphoria fans who are now searching hard for those OG Thierry Mugler and Valentino dresses.
Nope: Maddy loves her cigarettes, but the environment doesn’t. Cigarette butts leach heavy metals into soil and waterways, and account for over 25% of collected litter on shorelines, compromising the health of fish, birds, and key oxygen supply plants like kelp and algae. (Smoking is also bad for Maddy’s lungs, heart, blood, and skin! But her Health teacher probably already told her that.)

Lexi (Maude Apatow)
Yay: Watching Lexi devour used books by classic writers like Foucault and Hemingway is a great sight gag for the budding auteur. Besides giving us a peek into her mad world of literary references, it also shows us the joy of reusing beloved old books, whether we get them from the library, a used book shop, or a book swap with friends. (Try it; super fun!) Lexi also wears a lot of vintage and secondhand clothes, along with occasional upcycled pieces from indie designers like Batsheva Hay, who creates dresses from deadstock textiles like old textiles and bed linens.
Nope: Like everyone else at the infamous “Euphoria Party,” Lexi is drinking from a disposable plastic cup, which is a bummer move when there are so many cool reusable options available. (Hello, Collina Strada?!) She’s also a big fan of swinging by Fez’s convenience store for bottled water, even though—again—a reusable water bottle is cheaper in the long run, and helps prevent millions (yep, millions) of plastic bottles from landing in our landfills every year. Lexi, meet your new bestie.

Cassie (Sydney Sweeney)
Yay: Cassie’s now-infamous 4 A.M. beauty routine is a lot, but at least it’s got one key piece of sustainable living: non-heat hair tools. According to the show’s producers, Cassie takes a series of heatless (and reusable!) curlers, wraps them in her hair when it’s still damp, and allows her locks to air-dry naturally—saving the daily energy it takes to power a curling iron or electric roller.
Nope: Cassie also uses disposable eye patches to brighten and depuff her skin, even though these reusable (and award-winning!) ones from Dieux are right here! She could also use chilled cucumbers or coffee grounds, both of which are 100% compostable and totally effective for energizing and moisturizing.

Fez (Angus Cloud)
Yay: Like Rue, Fez skateboards often, which saves a lot of the carbon emissions from a joy ride. Also, he enjoys making his own sandwiches, which spares the plastic waste of takeout containers, styrofoam boxes, etc.
Nope: Selling drugs is bad for people and the planet, and breaking a bottle over Nate’s head? Come on, dude, just recycle it and move on.